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HOLA CHICO! x Collaborations


Since we started our project in 2017, we always kept in mind that we didn't want to create just a " normal " clothing brand ( we don't like the word "normal" at all... ) like others. There are already a lot! and the market almost collapsed.

We have always had in mind the idea of creating an open space for artistic and cultural expression . Whatever his son-in-law. And to be able to capture these expressions (and/or accompany them) in our collections.

That's why we are always on the lookout for collaborations with illustrators, photographers, designers, artists and athletes around the world. And all with a huge diversity of styles.


By doing this, we can guarantee two very important things:

1. To offer you unique and diversified collections.

2. Provide an open space for anyone wishing to express themselves through their art. We will give visibility and an open exhibition space to all these artists, including amateurs, who have something to say.

Art will save the world!

We are looking for new talents!

If you make music with your computer, or if you create illustrations or comics, if you are a musician or singer and have a particular style, if you play in a sports team, or even if you participate in an association of any kind...  We are looking for you!  What are you waiting for to contact us?


Discover below all the artists who have collaborated with us.

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