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Square Stage

 HOLA CHICO! x Collaborations 

CRIS 01.jpeg

ARTIST: Cristian Guimera

DOMAIN: Videographer.


LOCATION: Paris (France).

COLLECTION: Originals by HolaChico.

CONTACT: @cristianguimera (Instagram)

Our first outdoor public event with Hola Chico (when the first collection was still in the oven) was the Pride March. Cristian approached us and started following our path capturing the best moments of that day. From there was born a huge friendship and many collaborations together.

He's one of the best videographers I've ever met.

Always available and professional.

It is a pleasure to work together.


It reflected in vivid images the "Originals by Hola Chico" project where we wanted to show that with the same collection we can use it in two totally different areas. Here we show you the results.

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