Square Stage

 HOLA CHICO! x Collaborations 


ARTIST: María Ferrín

DOMAIN: Street Photographer.


LOCATION: Paris (France).

COLLECTION: Capsule Revolution.

CONTACT: 500px.com/mferrin/photography

We met Maria during the presentation we made at the start of our trip to Hola Chico. She introduced herself and we started working together to organize the social networks.

Our relationship evolved, also as a friendship, and we realized that she had a hidden talent that she is now showing the world in a spectacular way. She is a super "street photographer" . Her photographs say, without words, what was happening at that moment and what she wanted to express with this captured moment. We really like his black and white photos.

Maria participated in several photo shoots with us to show our collections from the beginning.


We leave you a sample of his art.