Una abeja sobre una flor. Un simbolo de la naturaleza que nos representa.
“The Earth is not an inheritance from our parents,
but a loan from our children ”

Indigenous wisdom


As a company, we have the responsibility and the opportunity to lead our industry towards a better future.


From Hola Chico! We recognize that clothing manufacturing is one of the most harmful and damaging industrial sectors for the planet and we wanted to take decisive action to face these negative impacts.


Our actions, strategies and objectives are planned in three areas of intervention: Planet , Products and People .

Antiguo logo de Hola Chico con el mundo en su interior, representando el medio ambiente y el respeto por el.

Starting with raw materials,

our manufacturer guarantees the traceability of all fibers,

by choosing 100% organic cotton,

bamboo viscose, recycled polyester,

and recycled organic cotton blended with recycled polyester

in our collections.

Empezando con la obtención de materias primas , Garantizamos la rastreabilidad de todas las fibras,

eligiendo algodón orgánico 100%,

viscosa de bambú, poliéster reciclado,

y algodón orgánico reciclado mezclado con poliéster reciclado

in nuestras colecciones.