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into the woods

 "The man who finds in Nature the key to human happiness, gets rid of his worries  

  and experiences deep joy as he walks lonely flower-lined paths,  

  where everything is far from civilization"  

  Jean-Jacques Rousseau -  French-speaking writer and philosopher from Geneva  


Have you ever had that feeling of wanting to run , and do it really fast, until you lose the last drop of oxygen in your lungs?

And scream ! And do it very hard. So loud until your cries reach beyond infinity?.

To have this feeling of feeling free . Released. Out of this world.

Feel the breeze caressing your skin.

Feel the freshness of wet trees after the rain. The smell of freshness . The smell of freedom.​

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These feelings do us so much good!

And that's okay. We are part of Nature, and from this Nature itself we come.

Being in the middle of a forest relaxes us. This reassures us. It makes us feel small in front of the immensity between so many trees. Immense trees that have been nailed there for centuries or even millennia. And that they will continue over time.

INTO THE WOODS is our most personal vision of the meaning of life. And also our current situation. We are back. We are born again.

We come back with new proposals. New topics. New products. And many new projects that you will love.

The result of this work during all this time has been very moving and very exciting. An intimate, personal and introspective sample of ourselves, reborn, in the midst of Nature.

We were wondering how we could represent to you the feeling of being reborn...

To show you where we come from... From our origins... From what is most essential...

That's when Michael's " Revival Project " came to mind.


A photographer who shows perspectives that are difficult to appreciate from the ground, and who with his drone offers us a different and particular vision of nature and of ourselves.

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We offered him the challenge of showing life in its purest form.

Nature and human fragility. The life. The death. Mother Earth.

A journey deep within each of us. The wildest of our interior. An intimate vision towards our most primary part. A metaphorical sense of life. From our origins.



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We sent a message through our images.  A visual metaphor.

We explain its meaning image by image.

Leave us a comment on what these images inspired you.