Updated: Mar 9

I wondered how to show you the feeling of being reborn. To show you where we come from… From our origins… From what is most essential. Michael's "Revival Project" came to mind.

A photographer who shows perspectives difficult to appreciate with the normal human eye, and who with his drone offers us a different and particular vision of nature and of ourselves.

The author himself defines himself: "Passionate about photography since always, I discovered a new dimension with the drone. Discovering, imagining, anticipating the landscape and its photographic rendering is a pleasure of which I never tire".

We offered him the challenge of showing life in its purest form.

Nature and human fragility. The life. The death. Mother Earth.

A journey deep within each of us. The wildest of our interior. An intimate vision towards our most primary part.

A metaphorical sense of life. Of ourselves.

Of life. From our origins.

The result of this collaboration was very moving. A personal and introspective sample of ourselves, reborn, in the middle of nature.

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