Updated: Mar 5

We are pleased to present the Collection developed in collaboration with the contemporary Japanese artist OTOKONOKOTO. otoko means man in Japanese.

Otokonokoto: the artist who became Japan's second-best player.

Suddenly everyone is talking about him. He is a very active supporter of LGBT rights and is well known in Tokyo for his humanitarian work. He was recently chosen as the cartoonist in charge of designing the state campaign and the HIV awareness campaign. ​​

His inspiration? He likes the Ukiyo-e style which comes from Japan and dates back to the 19th century; it represents a floating world in an elastic dimension.

Be influences also come from American pop art.

However, he does not like to compare his work with gay manga, because he never wanted to design gay manga. ​

Through his works, he strives to present ordinary men in a positive light: happy, sexy, kawaii, fashionable and confident.

We met Otokonokoto via Instagram. We have been following his profile and his works for a few years. One day he posted a story that we absolutely adored, and we messaged him to let him know that we really liked his design. He answered us, and we talked for a whole morning. At the end of the conversation, an agreement was born to create a collection together. This is how "Revolution" was born, during the first months of the Covid pandemic, which gave us both a lot of strength to send a message of hope.

From Japan and Paris to the rest of the world. It is a real honor to work with such a professional and involved person and we hope that these collaborations will last for many more collections and that we can all enjoy the art of Otokonokoto.

You can follow this artist and all his works and collaborations through social networks and directly on his website www.otokonokoto.com


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